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Dr. R.W. Ben Benoit, acclaimed historical novelist and guest speaker, has long captivated his readers and audiences. Ben Benoit first came into the historical fiction genre with Surviving Damnation, a personal and genealogical account of the trials, tribulations, and survivance of his Acadian ancestors. The story centers on a typical Acadian family sent into exile from their homeland, now Nova Scotia. This book is currently being considered in Hollywood for a major motion picture production.

Benoit didn't stop there. He released his second historical fiction book, Battle At The Pass, portraying the Civil War Battle at Gloriéta Pass, an epic conflict often referred to as "The Gettysburg of the West." He has just finished his third book, The Reynolds Gang: Confederate Outlaws With A Cause, which is now available!

"History is a race between education and catastrophe."
- H.G. Wells
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